Consumer Leasing

Vehicle leasing has become a popular alternative to buying your car or truck over the past twenty years and during this time we have gained considerable experience with consumer leases. As an independent lessor we can provide lease services on any make or model of vehicle whether new or used.  Leases can be structured to accommodate your driving habits, allowing for low or high kilometers and lease terms from 12 months to 5 years. Leases can be structured as either an open-end or a closed-end lease and depending on your driving habits we can help you to determine the best option for you. Extending the lease or purchasing the vehicle at lease expiry is always an option and we will work with you to make it as convenient as is possible

While many manufacturers periodically offer subsidized lease rates, they also offer cash and fleet incentives to those not utilizing their lease program. We use these funds to reduce costs in calculating your lease. Additionally, our flexibility allows us to structure your lease in ways that may not be possible under the factory lease. Before you venture into a strange showroom, speak to us to review your wishes and needs.

Open-End Lease.  This type of lease is priced with a guaranteed residual based on anticipated use. The lessee is responsible for any losses resulting at time of expiry and sale. Conversely, the lessee is reimbursed for any gain at the time of expiry and sale. The lessee can at any time purchase the vehicle but is not obligated to purchase the vehicle at lease expiry. This lease is best suited for those who are unsure of future driving needs, have multiple drivers, the use of the vehicle may change during the lease term or may use the vehicle in their profession.

Closed-end Lease.  This type of lease is priced with a residual and optional buyout as above however the lessee is responsible for excess kilometers and vehicle damage at the time of lease expiry.  This lease is appropriate for those who can confidently estimate their driving habits over the term of the lease.