Commercial Leasing

With your own business to manage you want to know that your vehicle fleet is being effectively managed and that your time is used efficiently.  At Williamson Leasing we have 50+ years of experience in the commercial vehicle leasing business and a history of loyal satisfied customers. No matter your specific needs, high kilometre leasing, low kilometre leasing, unique vehicle types and uses, new or used vehicles of any make and model, we can help. We acquire vehicles from a network of dealers using the best available credits and incentives from the manufacturers including special concessions available for volume acquisitions and through Associations such as Landscape Ontario and Ontario Federation of Agriculture to name only a couple. Leases are structured to accommodate your specific needs and uses, residuals are set in anticipation of the driving needs and are open-ended so there are no kilometre or damage penalties at lease termination. Lease terms can be managed to provide the best value, taking into account the expected service and maintenance costs, vehicle depreciation, and resale values.

We also manage installation and financing of aftermarket equipment such as plows, salters, and specialized dump and flatbed bodies, from a network of vendors.  Should you require vehicles not typically associated with a commercial fleet such as executive driven vehicles, we can accommodate using the best available commercial incentives or retail programs that may be applicable.

Leasing questions, as well as vehicle additions and terminations can be handled by one call to your lease representative and our admin staff, and billings are generated monthly providing one invoice for all your vehicles avoiding multiple payables to a variety of vendors and funders and the associated administrative costs.

In today’s competitive environment your attention needs to be on your business. Talk to us to discover how we can partner with you  to help manage your fleet in the most cost effective way.  Let us help you to focus on doing what you know best, managing and growing your business.