Time to order for spring delivery.

The past few months have seen “interesting times” in the automotive industry just as in the rest of the economy. Inventory of pickups is as low as it has been in some time as a result of a number of factors, any one of which would have some impact, however in combination the availability of trucks and choice of equipment and colours has been severely restricted. Reasons for the limited inventories across product lines include trade wars, tariffs, trade agreements being negotiated and rewritten, labour stoppages, economic uncertainty, demand in the US market, and the confidence of the dealer body. In summary, dealers were careful in their ordering and manufacturers have struggled to anticipate and adjust to the changing production process and market.
What to do?

Place your orders now for spring delivery, the much heralded (at least for me) end of winter as on-ground stock will continue to be below normal. This will ensure the truck with the equipment and in the colour you want at the best possible price is available for you as the season begins to ramp up. And don’t forget to ask about any fleet and association concessions you may be eligible to access.
We are well rested following the holidays and eager to discuss your vehicle needs.
Call or email, “It’s the lease we can do!”

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